Eight Secrets of Creating and Selling Creative Non Fiction – Final Part

 Five Steps to Getting Published 

1.   Discover what you’re good at, what makes you unique.

  • Find an audience (your focus group).
  • Think about how you can expand upon it. 

2.   Do market research.  (How do magazines/publishers make their  money?)

  • Writer’s guides (Internet)
  • Bookstores
  • Advertising Rates & Data (demographics available at every library)
  • Publisher catalogs 

3.   Position your writing (in terms of audience) or yourself.           

  • Have an organized way of communicating this (do a spread sheet of who you are sending where)
  • Evaluate results and reward your success. 

A Few Extra Hints 

  1. Treat getting published as part of the creative process
  2. Look for back doors (get to know people)
  3. Go to readings and make contact
  4. Have a writing marketing partner
  5. Go public with your effort
  6. Help someone else get published

 Recommended Books 

  • How To Get Happily Published, Judith Appelbaum, HarperPereneal (1992)
  • The Self-Publishing Manual, Dan Poynter, Para Publishing (1996)
  • Guide To Literary Agents, Donya Dickerson, Writer’s Digest Books (1999)
  • Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market, Barbara Kuroff, Writer’s Digest (1999)
  • Be Your Own Literary Agent, Martin P. Levin, Ten Speed Press (1995)
  • How To Write A Book Proposal, Michael Larsen, Writer’s Digest (1985)

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John Lehman